Mask and buttons : Lytess launches a mask capable of limiting the imperfections


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16 Sept 2020 at 12:48 By Magali Bertin

How can you not get pimples when you wear a mask? There are a few beauty tips to reduce the arrival of imperfections: anti-bacterial cream, lotion or spraying essential oils on your mask to make it healthier. But if you don't want to get worked up, you can turn to Lytess?

reusable masks-lytess

Mask and buttons: a breathable and anti-bacterial mask
Lytess, a specialist in textile cosmetics, has launched a special protective mask. If the primary promise is not to provide a cosmetic action for our face, but to protect us, it still benefits from a bacteriostatic treatment. An action that limits the proliferation of bacteria. By extension, it can therefore help to limit the formation of imperfections at the bottom of the face, right where we wear the mask!

This alternative protective mask is suitable for daily use, it is machine washable at 60° and reusable. It is advisable to wear the mask daily and to wash it after each use (2 masks per day for a maximum of 4 hours). This mask is sold 7,90 € both masks, here.