How to wear your leggings properly?

How to wear leggings properly?

Although they are a basic wardrobe staple, leggings don't appeal to everyone. Often pointed at, some even see it as a fashion faux pas. Some even associate it only with sports halls. But make no mistake, it can become a real style asset for your everyday outfits. Namely that leggings have no age limit, no you are absolutely not "too old" to wear leggings. And contrary to popular belief, leggings fit everyone, regardless of your morphology, as long as you know how to match them!

At the end of the 80s, leggings were very fashionable and were called "boxer shorts". Today leggings are back and many stars have adopted them. We give you all the tips to be fashionable with leggings!

  • Favour large rooms

Be careful, leggings are not to be worn in the same way as jeans. Indeed, a legging associated with a short top or a crop-top can quickly make your outfit much more vulgar than you would have liked. It is then necessary to counter the too tight side of the leggings, for that privilege longer pieces and not too close to the body. Whatever the season, you will find the ideal piece to match: an XXL wool sweater or a sweater dress for winter, a white shirt or boyfriend jeans in spring or a large t-shirt in summer. Also avoid dressy tops that will go against the style of the leggings. Leggings are not trousers, so your outfit should be adapted accordingly.Lytess leggings will help you to perfect your outfit. 

Of course if you want to mark your arrival do not hesitate to opt for the look leggings + crop top like Kim Kardashian @pinterest  


  • Don't skimp on accessories

Although in any outfit it is necessary not to forget the accessories, with the leggings even more! Without accessories your outfit will look a little too simple and without any real added value. Be careful of course not to fall into the side too bling bling. Pretty gold color earrings combined with a long pendant style necklace will do very well.
If you like to take risks, you can also opt for a head accessory like a headband to match your top, this will give a little more color to your outfit.

And don't forget the purse! A handbag will be more likely to match your outfit, you will then find among other things shopping bags or bowling bags, a shoulder bag will tend to break the loose side of your top.

  • Choosing the right shoes

It all depends on how you want to look. However, you will have to forget about ballerinas, which will create a "packed" effect.
For a more casual style, opt for a pair of sneakers, this will give a more casual side to your outfit. Stan smith sneakers for example, or nothing prevents you from taking out your best pair of sneakers as well: shiny, flowery, velvet...

For a more "assumed winter fashion" look, opt for a pair of very high leggings or a pair of boots, combined with big wool socks that will protrude well above the boots. In addition to keeping you warm, shorts are very trendy.

For a "pretty woman" look, you can even opt for a pair of heels, without choosing vertiginous pumps, a pretty pair of heels will give a little chic to your look.

  • A light but existing make-up

To break the cocooning aspect of leggings, it is important to take a minimum of care of your face. Without going towards the too superficial, 2 options are available to you: emphasize your eyes with a bright eye shadow and in this case opt for nude colour lips or accentuate your lips with a red lipstick associated with just a little mascara to your eyes.

You will have understood it, do not hesitate to wear your leggings every day: at home, on a walk or at work! Summer and winter, they will be a fashionable part of all your outfits. Moreover, unlike jeans, leggings are a real second skin and are very comfortable.

Pssssttt A handy little tip: in winter, you can add tights under your leggings to keep a little warmer!

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