How to firm up your skin after weight loss?

There are many effects that follow significant weight loss, such as stretch marks and stretched skin. Indeed, the skin is very often relaxed in certain areas of the body, such as under the arms, on the stomach or around the thighs. Don't panic, this is perfectly normal. To combat this flabby appearance of the skin, several tips are possible, changes to be adopted both from the point of view of diet and sport.

First of all,let's try to explain what caused your skin to sag. The skin is a living organism that moves and adapts according to your lifestyle and habits. When you gain weight, the skin stretches to make room for layers of fat. Conversely, when you lose weight, the skin will lose these layers of fat and therefore become stretched. When weight is lost too quickly, the fat will disappear without giving the skin time to adapt, this is called skin sagging. You will then find yourself with excess skin in certain areas. Discover some easy solutions to help your skin regain its usual shape.

  • Drinking water

It cannot be repeated often enough: water is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to put pressure on yourself and force yourself to drink 2 litres of water a day. Especially since the amount of water needed for the body to function properly varies from one person to another. The main thing is simply to stay hydrated, as water helps to minimise sagging skin by making it firmer and smoother. Ideally, drinking a sip of water every half an hour gives our body the hydration it needs. If you don't like water, you can opt for infusions or flavoured water.


In addition to this, drinking water helps to stabilise your weight: a large glass of water before a meal can make you feel fuller more quickly and therefore eat less.

  • Nourishing your skin

Ideally, you should moisturise and nourish your skin before and during weight loss. However, if you haven't done so, don't panic, there is still time!

Massaging with rose essential oil is a very good way to do this. Combined with the stimulating properties of a massage, rose essential oil is an excellent natural tonic.

slimming care

At Lytess, thanks to our know-how, we offer many products with a moisturizing and firming cosmetic action, brought by the mango butter, sweet almond oil or the resin of elemi. Among these products, we find our slimming or anti-cellulite leggings

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  • Alternate hot and cold water in the shower

Also known as the Scottish shower, this technique is very effective. Cold water is excellent for the figure. It tightens and firms the skin tissue. Hot water is used to flush out toxins. To optimise the results, rub your skin with a horsehair glove during your shower. This will stimulate blood circulation and also tone the skin.

For those who prefer to take baths, the trick is to pour about 200 grams of sea salt into your water. Salt is known for its firming properties.


  • Changing your diet

Diet will play a very important role. The idea is absolutely not to start a diet again, but to provide our skin with the essential nutrients to regain its firmness. It is therefore essential to choose the right foods. Several types of food are to be favoured:

- Foods rich in vitamin C and Omega 3. Omega 3 is necessary for skin hydration and contributes to the reinforcement of cell membranes that maintain skin elasticity. We can then mention oily fish such as sardines or salmon.

fatty fish

- Protein-rich foods; they are rich in collagen and help to improve the elasticity of the skin. Be aware that proteins are the only ones that can nourish muscle tissue. It is best to choose lean proteins. Examples include eggs, chicken breast and spinach.

  • Being active

Without talking about a sports routine, changing your habits is very easy and can bring you a lot. Getting enough exercise will tone your body. If you live close to your workplace, opt for cycling or walking instead of driving, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, go for a 20-minute walk during your lunch break...

  • Practising a physical sport activity

It is one of the most effective solutions, impossible to firm up your figure without being at least a little bit athletic. Swimming is one of the most effective sports. Another effective sport is jumping rope; two 15-minute sessions are enough to be effective. To increase the benefits of sport, you can practice your sport on an empty stomach, which will get rid of stubborn fat faster.

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If you don't have a lot of time, you can opt for small, quicker exercises to do at home or in the gym. These small, more targeted movements will bring you results fairly quickly. For example, to work on the stomach area, abdominal exercises are a very good solution: the russian twist, crunch or plank. Exercise available here. For a slightly sagging buttock, opt for squats. And finally, to firm up the inner thighs, you'll need to build up the abductors. Our secret for faster results: the innovative Lytess sportswear ( leggings and Bra Fit active)

  • Cosmetic surgery

Think carefully before opting for this solution, it should only be used as a last resort. It applies in particular to people who have lost 50 kilos or more. 

Now you have all the keys to firming up your skin. Be patient and don't get discouraged! You should also know that the older we get, the more difficult it is to regain the firmness of our youthful skin. If you are on a diet and want to lose weight, don't try to lose weight too quickly, because as we have said, there is an undeniable link between the speed with which you lose weight and the sagging of the skin. Set yourself a reasonable and safe weight loss target of between 1 kilo and 500 grams per week. In addition, combine your diet with sports activity .

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