Cosmetic active ingredients

Cosmetotextile is a technology that combines cosmetic care and the world of textiles. Thus, the effectiveness of our products comes from both a textile and cosmetic action. The benefits of a Textile action are often easier to understand than those of the cosmetic action. We will then try to explain the effectiveness of an active ingredient in cosmetics.


What is a cosmetic active ingredient?
Namely, a cosmetic active ingredient is "a substance or preparation intended to be brought into contact with the various superficial parts of the human body (epidermis, hair and capillary systems, nails, lips and external genitalia) or with the teeth and oral mucous membranes, for the sole or main purpose of cleaning, perfuming and protecting them in order to maintain them in good condition, modify their appearance or correct body odours" (art. L 5131-2 of the Public Health Code).

In simpler terms, a cosmetic active ingredient is an ingredient present in a product that will bring it different virtues. Each active ingredient provides a specific action, and responds to a specific problem. In most cases, a cosmetic product does not contain a single active ingredient, but a multitude ofcosmetic active ingredients. These active ingredients are then combined with an excipient and additives to preserve the product. The excipient will then be the support that will allow the active ingredient to be conveyed, for example, we very frequently find water or, even more rarely, oil. For Lytessthe excipient used is oil.

Where do you find cosmetic actives?

In the medical world, the term active ingredient refers to a molecule with a therapeutic effect in a drug. In cosmetics, active ingredients are neither drugs nor therapeutic products. Cosmetic active ingredients can be found in many everyday products: sun, hair and hygiene products, but also make-up, perfume, etc.

The proportions of each ingredient are different: while the cosmetic active ingredient is present in fairly small proportions (often 1%), the excipient represents about 80% of the product. In Lytess products, the cosmetic active ingredients are over-represented compared to a classic cosmetic since they represent 4% of the product.

A cosmetic active ingredient can be of natural or synthetic origin. Natural or organic cosmetics will avoid the use of chemical ingredients as much as possible. It will then favour natural active ingredients, most of the time derived fromplant extracts. Indeed, plants are very often found to be rich in vitamins and minerals.

Focus on some cosmetic actives

Most cosmetic actives have been used for thousands of years. The most ancient medicines used them to heal and protect the skin.

Caffeine: Caffeine is present in many plants such as coffee, cocoa, guarana...
It has the particularity of possessing different properties. First of all, it is attributed a slimming action since it promotes lipolysis, a natural reaction of degradation of the lipids of our body, and which limits the storage of fats. In addition, it acts against cellulite andorange peel skin effect by activating skin micro-circulation. It is also an ideal solution to combat dark circles, which are often due to poor blood circulation. 


At Lytess, caffeine is present in many products, especially in the slimming comfort leggings.

Aloe vera: this is a plant that will be very easy to grow. Its cosmetic properties are numerous. First of all,aloe v era heals and protects the skin, it is particularly useful in case of burns but also for skin diseases. In addition, this plant helps to fight against skin aging by accelerating skin cell renewal. It also has moisturizing properties and is therefore very suitable for dry skin .


Shea butter: it is rich in vitamins A, D, E and can be used for both skin and hair. It is reputed to deeply moisturize and nourish. On the face, it will bring various benefits; it can moisturize and nourish dry areas. It can also be used preventively as a protective balm against UV rays. And finally, it will bring elasticity and suppleness to the epidermis and helps fight against skin aging. Finally, for the body, in addition to its obvious moisturizing effect, shea butter can be used to fight stretch marks. For the hair, the shea butter is rather adapted to the people who have the dry hair, it will know how to bring them a hydration and brightness while reviving their color, as with the shampoo of the body shop.

shea butter

The red algae: The red algae has very interesting virtues. Moisturizing, antioxidant or anti-aging, this seaweed is found in many cosmetics. It is often used in slimming cosmetic formulations, to help the destocking of fats. Indeed, by promoting lymphatic drainage, it stimulates circulation and causes theelimination of fatty acids. At Lytess, red algae is present in many slimming products such as Capris minceur belly flat.

Cosmetic active ingredients and slimming products

If you wish to slim down, lose weight or simply reshape your silhouette, cosmetic active ingredients can be real assets. They can be found in various slimming products:

  • Creams or oils : slimming, firming or anti-cellulite, they will help you reshape and refine your figure. The cosmetic active ingredients present in these products will act directly on the fat cells of your skin to destocking and eliminate them. Among the active ingredients present in these creams, caffeine is the most widespread. Rich in antioxidants, it will help to get rid of fat cells and fight against water retention. We also find guarana, laminaria and rockweed algae, theobromine. You then have the choice between creams, oils and gels, their effectiveness is the same, it all depends on your tastes.
  • Slimming capsules. Here too the choice is varied: we find fat-eating capsules, calorie burners, fat destocking, or belly-flat effect. It is possible to buy these capsules in pharmacies or parapharmacies and on the internet. They are not very restrictive in terms of their use: if you follow the protocol, it is sufficient to swallow one to two capsules per day for 2 to 3 months according to the protocols. These capsules will give you a feeling of satiety and will prevent you from nibbling. Combined with a diet, they will facilitate your weight loss.
  • Cosmetotextiles. This technique combines textile know-how and cosmetic know-how in the same product. Thousands of microencapsulated cosmetic formulations can be found: slimming, moisturizing, firming, anti-capitalizing... associated with textile fibres. The Lytess brand is a pioneer in the field of cosmetic textiles. Find all the Lytess ranges on our website.