Fat-burning foods

If you have stubborn fat storage areas, especially around your thighs or hips, this article is for you.

When you want to slim down or lose weight, it is not necessarily necessary to go on a drastic diet; it is important to respect the trio of breakfast, lunch and dinner by paying close attention to the composition of your plates.  

Some foods will promote weight loss while others will accentuate it. We talk about "fat-burning" foods, ideal to help you refine your figure and " stock-fat" foods that should be banned. The fat-burning foods will increase the number of calories burned by the body and thus limit the storage of fat.

Let's start with fruit and vegetables... Thanks to their high level of soluble fibre, some fruit and vegetables will help you lose weight. They will create a sort of gel in your body that captures the fat absorbed during your meal.



It is the number one fat-burning vegetable, aubergine is 95% water and has few calories. Thanks to its great absorption capacity, it acts as a sponge for toxins and fats. This is due in part to its high content of dietary fibre and pectins.

However, be careful how you cook the aubergine, as its absorbency also works with cooking oils. Preferably baked or barbecued (depending on the season) or cooked in ratatouille with other vegetables. Recipe here.



Like aubergines, courgettes are low in calories, with around 13 calories per 100 grams. It is also rich in vitamins and trace elements. In addition, this green vegetable has a diuretic effect, thanks to its high potassium content and low sodium content (which causes water retention).

To accentuate the fat-burning effect, you can eat this vegetable with its skin, which is rich in fibre and helps to accentuate weight loss.  

Did you know? Courgette can replace butter in your cakes, grated very finely and well wrung out, it will allow you to create a very light cake and much less caloric! A good excuse to have a slice without feeling guilty. Recipe right here.

The apple


The apple, in addition to being a very effective fat-burning food, has the particularity of being satiating and will be a perfect slimming ally to slim down without starving. It is very rich in pectin and traps fat in the stomach. For even more slimming action, choose Granny Smith apples which are low in sugar. Low in calories, the body will spend more calories digesting it than the fruit itself: 95 calories to digest it compared to 85 calories in an apple. Apples can be eaten throughout the day.

Just like courgettes, you can also eat the skin, which is rich in fibre and vitamins.

The lawyer


We often hear that the avocado is a fatty fruit, but this food rich in lipids is also a precious ally for slimming and health. Although it is quite caloric: about 138 calories per 100 grams, it contains a high level ofunsaturated fatty acids that allow the cardiovascular system to function well. We are therefore talking about "good" fats. In addition, the high fibre content gives you an immediate feeling of fullness.

Very easy to cook, it can be eaten raw with a dash of lemon (and especially not a dash of olive oil) or in a detox smoothie.

Citrus fruits


Citrus fruits are low in calories and contain very little fat.

Grapefruit is particularly rich in vitamin C and B9 as well as papain, an enzyme that burns fat molecules. Grapefruit provides about 30 calories per 100 grams and can be eaten plain, for breakfast or as a snack.

Lemon is another fruit. This acidic citrus fruit is an ideal fruit to help you lose weight. It will boost digestion and regulate blood sugar levels. For easy consumption throughout the day, you can dilute the juice of two lemons in a large bottle of water. And for the summer, lemons can be drunk as lemonade, an excellent alternative to sodas, which are far too sweet. Thanks to its natural diuretic action, lemons also help to eliminate bad toxins through the kidneys and the urinary tract.


Next among the most effective fat burners are spices. Often used in cooking for their flavour, spices also have unexpected virtues and can be used as condiments to lose weight. They can be easily incorporated into many recipes: dishes, juices, desserts, etc.



This spice can be used to flavour both sweet and savoury dishes. It has been considered a slimming ally for a very long time to combat overweight but also to maintain a healthy weight. It also acts as an appetite suppressant and helps to limit cravings. Rich in active ingredients, it helps regulate the production of insulin and acts directly on our fat cells.


It is a medicinal root, known for its healing properties. Used in many diets, ginger acts on the main factors that lead to weight gain: it produces a thermogenic effect in your body that will increase the burning of calories.

You can consume ginger in the form of an infusion.



This spice has a preventive action against dimples. Indeed, the root favours a better digestion of lipids and facilitates the elimination of fatty tissue. In addition, curcumin has a fat-burning effect on the abdominal area.

Coffee or tea? You should know that certain drinks, consumed without sugar of course, can also help you slim down your body.

The coffee


Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and appetite suppressant, and it also helps to burn fat.

However, be careful not to abuse it, as caffeine can have many negative effects such as insomnia and nervousness! We advise you to limit your consumption to 3 cups per day.

Moreover, caffeine is a slimming active ingredient found in many Lytess products, such as the slimming and shaping shorty.

Green tea

Green tea should be added to the list of slimming drinks. With 0 calories, you can consume it regularly throughout the day. Thanks to the theine it contains, it will boost the burning of calories

You now have a list of foods to add to your daily menu. Of course, these are not miracle foods, they need to be complemented by a healthy lifestyle and sporting activity.