Sports for a flat tummy

It is a body part that is often a source of complex for many women. Buoy, little bun or love handles, although it is often given nice little names, we want to get rid of it. Indeed, having a flat belly is a dream come true!


But often, the stages of life do not necessarily allow us to do so: menopause, pregnancy, caesarean section, or simply a diet that is too rich. The time of our youth and our flat belly is far away, we try to camouflage it with large clothes and we avoid wearing our favorite little dress because it is too tight to our taste. And yet, having a flat bel ly without making too much effort is possible. A balanced diet combined with a few sports exercises and that's it! But then, which sport should we choose? Sports that involve cardio, but not only! The ideal will be to find sports that will contribute to theelimination of abdominal fat but also to the strengthening of abdominal muscles (especially for women who have had one or more childbirths).


If you don't necessarily have a lot of time, running is perfect for you. It is a very complete sport that will burn fat quickly, it mobilizes many muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. Depending on your pace and your morphology, it can allow you to lose on average up to 900 calories per hour. If you are not used to running, start slowly by alternating running and walking. In addition to making you lose your stomach, jogging will not only protect you from weakening your bones, but will also help prevent hypertension and diabetes. Finally, if you are likely to be stressed, running will also be an excellent way to relieve you of all the tension accumulated during your day. To be beautiful while taking care of yourself during your running session, discover slimming running leggings .

jogging on a flat stomach

Pilates or yoga.

This is a gentle method of sport, but contrary to popular belief, these two sports are not just for relaxing. They allow a muscular reinforcement in its totality. Many muscular areas will be solicited during the exercises, especially with Pilates where the postures adopted will often insist on the sheathing. One will find for example the tree posture which requires to find balance and therefore mobilizes the abdominal muscles. You can discover more Pilate and yoga postures .

If you are having trouble choosing between pilates or yoga, yoga will have a more spiritual dimension and a much slower pace than pilates.


The rower.

The rowing machine is considered to be a cardio training device. It has the particularity of reproducing the movement of rowing. It is a very complete sport that stimulates 90% of the muscles of your body. It is also one of the disciplines that will stimulate your abdominal muscles the most. It will allow you torefine your silhouette and tone your body. It is an activity that is suitable for everyone, regardless of your physical condition. It allows you to burn an average of 650 calories per hour; 2 sessions of 30 minutes per week will be more than enough. In addition to the benefits for your muscles, rowing will help develop your respiratory and cardiovascular capacities. However, be careful if you suffer from knee or back pain, rowing is not necessarily advisable.



Back crawl, breaststroke, crawl, all swims are good for stimulating the abdominal muscles. Swimming will have the advantage of not damaging the joints, it will tone the muscles without pain. Don't hesitate to opt for group classes which will be more stimulating. And if you don't like swimming, you can always try aqua aerobics. Water sports have the particularity of using a lot ofenergy (and therefore calories) because of the resistance of water, which is almost 10 times greater than that of air. Plan a session of about 45 minutes twice a week to be effective. Note that in 30 minutes of swimming, you burn about 350 calories. The pressure of the water also works in your favour if you want to erase your cellulite or reduce yourpanties . Finally, swimming also helps to reduce anxiety and fight depression. To complete your swimming session with a slimming action, you can opt for the Lytess slimming swimsuit


The skipping rope.

If you want a fast and effective exercise, choose the skipping rope. There are about 500 calories lost per half hour. It allows you to work your breath and your muscles. Not only does it help to keep your stomach flat, but it also strengthens your buttocks. Several 2 to 3 minute repetitions will be sufficient. It is estimated that in terms of muscle, 15 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. The technique to adopt is to jump while tucking in your stomach and contracting your abs. Be careful however if you have joint problems, this sport is not recommended. If you have a generous chest, you will have to wear a Bra sport jacket to ensure a good support. As for the skipping rope, its price is very affordable and you can find it in many sports shops. 


Nordic walking.

Although it may seem surprising to be able to reshape your body "just" by walking, Nordic walking is proving to be a very effective sport. This rather gentle activity trains all the muscular chains of the body, which will allow, in addition to theslimming effect, to gain in flexibility and coordination. A one-hour walk allows you to burn about 300 calories, i.e. to burn calories from fat, it is necessary to maintain this rhythm for a minimum of 30 to 50 minutes. This sport is ideal for people who find it difficult to find their breath, as with running. To optimise the results, you can contract your belly throughout your sports walk.

The bike.

This sport is very effective for slimming and in particular to find a flat belly. Cycling is easy to integrate into your daily life: it has the particularity of being able to exercise both indoors via a home bike but also outdoors. If you are a beginner in this sport, be progressive. For example, you can start with 20-minute sessions once or twice a week and then gradually increase the pace and time of practice.


The results obtained will depend on your morphology but also on your diet. Thus, while some people may see their abdominal muscles appear in just a few days, others may have to wait months. Two people who eat exactly the same food, practice the same physical activities and have the same lifestyle can have a difference of 10% of fat mass. Remember that a flat stomach cannot be achieved overnight. Regularity in your physical activity will be the key to your success. To motivate you, there are applications that allow you to analyze and evaluate your progress.

So watch your diet in parallel with your sports program. Some foods will tend to make your stomach swell, such as wholemeal bread, soups or herbs, while others will make your stomach swell (raw vegetables and dairy products). 

And if, despite all your efforts, your little belly is still there, the problem may be quite different. Indeed, in women this may be related to hormonal variations. And finally, less known, stress and anxiety can be the cause of your little buoy.

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