What to eat at night to lose weight?

Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply maintain your weight, this article is for you.

As part of a balanced diet, it is essential to eat 3 meals a day, skipping a meal has never made you lose weight ! What's more, dinner is also an opportunity to share a moment with your loved ones, so there's no question of skipping it.

family dinner

It should be noted that the evening meal corresponds to approximately 30 to 35% of the day's intake. Nevertheless, it is advisable to eat light at dinner, not necessarily less but lighter. Of course, this notion of lightness is subjective and adapted according to your physical activity during the day. Our caloric expenditure after this last meal will be almost zero and fat will tend to be stored more at this time of day. Moreover, a meal that is too rich can be difficult to digest because at this time of day, the digestive enzymes in our intestines are much less active.

Eating early is ideal

The time of day you eat will also affect your digestion ; ideally you should eat between 6pm and 8pm. This does not mean that you should decrease or increase the quantities if you eat earlier or later. Moreover, these times can be adapted according to the time you go to bed, allow about 2-3 hours between the end of your meal and bedtime. You should also know that food and sleep are closely linked. A dinner that is too fatty will take a long time to digest and may further delay your sleep. Eating lightly therefore also helps you sleep well. During your night, you can also complement your healthy lifestyle by wearing a Lytess nightwear. Available in panty or legging versions, Capris or leggings, they will act during your sleep by diffusing active slimming ingredients continuously. 


Avoiding high-calorie meals

It is therefore necessary to opt for low-calorie foods. This means eliminating processed industrial products as well as foods that are too fatty and/or too sweet. We will say goodbye to fast food, cold cuts, creams, dishes with sauce etc. Fried foods should also be avoided because they will be difficult for the body to digest. As well as alcohol, which can disrupt your sleep.

But a light meal does not mean a boring meal. The idea is not to starve yourself by eating three leaves of salad and be frustrated at bedtime or to wake up in the middle of the night with a craving. One of the first things to do is to listen to yourself. After a snack at 4pm, you don't have to eat a lot in the evening, but if you didn't eat much at lunch, you can increase the proportions of your evening meals.

Foods to choose from

Moreover, after a day of running around, we don't necessarily want to spend hours cooking. It's often at dinner time that we make the most food mistakes, we want to indulge ourselves after a stressful and overflowing day at work. The trick is to anticipate your meals so that you don't rush to the local fast food restaurant. Your evening meals should be organized and planned when you go shopping. Discover the foods to choose for your evening meal during this time with your family:

As a starter :

  • Soup. The latter has the advantage of being able to be prepared in advance. Moreover, it is satiating and contains vitamins and minerals, essential for the body. Vary the pleasures by changing the recipe regularly: green vegetable soup, pumpkin soup etc.
  • Salads : lentil salad, quinoa salad or raw vegetable salad, the choice is yours! Low in calories, salads are often composed of balanced ingredients that contain a lot of vitamins.


For the main course:

  • Vegetables : no secret, they are part of every diet. Raw or cooked, for lunch or dinner, vegetables must absolutely be present on your plate. They are low in calories and rich in nutrients, and they will improve transit and facilitate theelimination of fat. On average, you should eat twice as much vegetables as protein. Some vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage will even be considered as fat burners.
  • Fish is an undeniable source of protein. Salmon and cod are two examples.
  • Turkey, but also chicken. More generally, lean meats (especially without the skin).
  • Potatoes and even pasta ! Contrary to what you might think, starchy foods are not necessarily to be banned in the evening. On the contrary, whole wheat pasta, for example, improves sleep.
  • Eggs : poached, fried or in an omelette, they are ideal for the evening.

For dessert :

  • The 0% white cheese. Forget rich cheeses like Roquefort or Camembert. Instead, choose a portion of cottage cheese made from vegetable or animal milk.
  • Fruit. No matter what form you prefer: fresh, dried, stewed, fruit will give you the amount of fibre you need.

If you find these foods too restrictive, don't hesitate to play with the seasoning by adding spices or herbs. This will immediately give your dishes a new taste. It is also possible to mix these foods in order to obtain light and greedy recipes, such as for example peppers stuffed with semolina and vegetables or a vegetable clafoutis

vegetable clafoutis

Opting for good habits  

If you prefer cooked vegetables or meat, the best way to cook them is with a steamer. In addition to being simple and healthy, steaming preserves the minerals in the food. There are programmable steamers, which allows you to prepare your meal just before returning from work. 

Take time to eat and enjoy your meal, dinner should last at least twenty minutes. Eating quickly will not give you an immediate feeling of satiety and you may be tempted to have a refill or to crave foods rich in sugar.

Complement your healthy habits by wearing a Lytess flat tummy panty to help with your weight loss. 

Remember to use seasonalvegetables and fruit in your recipes, as they will taste even better.