How to eliminate cellulite quickly?
Lytess has selected plant extracts known for their anti-cellulite properties: copaiba and elemi resin for their firming action, red algae for its slimming potential, mango butter and sweet almond oil for their moisturizing properties. The honeycomb weave of the garments ensures a continuous palpating-rolling function.


Anti-cellulite clothing

Caused by a structural transformation of the adipose tissue located under the epidermis, cellulite affects the vast majority of women, even the slimmest. It can be found in various characteristic areas: stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves. Although sport can help eliminate cellulite, it is not always enough to obtain a convincing result. Lytess has decided to put the innovations of cosmetotextile at the service of women, with a promising anti-cellulite range. The clinically proven results illustrate the effectiveness of the panty, leggings or arm sleeves in treating the orange peel effect and improving tissue tone. It is even possible to eliminate cellulite while sleeping with the Stop Cellulite Night range!

Efficiently and effortlessly reduce cellulite

Lytess has developed innovative and effective solutions to erase cellulite. The secret of cosmetotextile lies in the combination of natural active ingredients and textile innovation. The plant-based formulas are packaged in microcapsules attached to a micromassaging textile. When the fabric is rubbed against the skin, the microcapsules break up and release their natural ingredients. The anti-cellulite range developed by Lytess favours a targeted action, to sublimate the silhouette in the long term. Lytess anti-cellulite products are also suitable for women who have lost weight and want to tighten and firm their skin without the need for time-consuming treatments such as anti-cellulite creams or other cosmetics. The panty shape is particularly suitable for reducing cellulite on the thighs and buttocks and also for preventing painful heating between the thighs in the summer. If you want to combine a buttock and thigh action, the Shorts or the Capris anti-cellulite form will help you fight orange peel skin in this area, which is particularly affected in women. Are you determined to walk, stay active at home, or simply get rid of your cellulite? Choose leggings, which will dress your legs elegantly! If, on the other hand, you prefer to slim down while sleeping, let yourself be seduced by the innovative cosmetotextile technology that erases cellulite during the night. Finally, Lytess also thinks of women prone to cellulite in the arms, with comfortable firming sleeves.