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Discover the top slimming, anti-cellulite, firming or moisturising treatments. Lytess cosmetotextiles sublimate the figure and offer a continuous cosmetic diffusion. Whether you want to slim down during the day or night, tighten your waistline, eliminate orange peel skin or firm up your bust, the cosmetotextiles will take care of your body.


      The best in cosmetic care

      By choosing Lytess products, you select a safe, effective and effortless alternative to traditional slimming solutions. An innovative method for those who want to feel better about their bodies and expect truly effective solutions that are safe for their health.

      Multiple benefits and proven results

      Cosmetotextiles are designed for women who want to lose weight, erase cellulite, moisturize their skin, but also for those who want to regain a firm skin after a diet (distended skin under the arms, tighten the skin of the belly, fill stretch marks) a range of products with proven effectiveness through clinical tests for women but also for men, who are equally concerned by body problems.