Slimming day

How to choose an effective slimming treatment?

With Lytess cosmetotextile, you combine the best of natural active ingredients with the latest textile innovations, Lytess has developed a range of slimming garments with exceptional properties for proven slimming results.


The Slimming Day range: a slimming programme throughout the day

The micro-capsules of active ingredients fixed on the textile are released progressively and spread throughout the day. Lytess has designed a line of clothing (leggings, Shorts, Capris, panty) specifically for slimming and fighting cellulite throughout the day.

All the sculpting products elaborated by Lytess are based on a deep knowledge of natural principles to firm, drain but also moisturize the skin: red algae, forskolin, caffeine, ginger, red vine, holly, shea butter, sweet almond oil... The efficiency of Lytess cosmetotextiles is clinically proven in laboratory.

Technological clothing for slimming

Can't get your curves to melt despite your best efforts? While exercising and adopting good eating habits are important to stay in shape, many of us would like to take action to sculpt our figure locally. Lytess cosmetotextile garments provide an effective solution for a targeted and fast action.

The slimming leggings: slim in 5 days, 10 days, 18 days or 20 days flat stomach: make your choice according to your slimming objective! And for incomparable softness, discover the first cosmetotextile slimming care made of organic cotton. The fineness of the organic fibre combined with the power of the active formulas constitute an incomparable natural care to fight against cellulite, the orange peel effect or skin slackening.

Slimming care buttocks, belly, panties of horses

With Lytess, there is no need to worry about restrictive diets to feel good about your body! Thanks to cosmetotextile, it is possible to slim down without thinking about it with a localized action on sensitive areas. To shape the buttocks, reduce the panties horse and refine the thighs, Lytess has developed garments on which are fixed micro-capsules of active formulations: Shorts slimming, Capris slimming, or slimming panty. The effectiveness of this slimming solution is illustrated by its Risultati clinici, and by a customer satisfaction rate of over 80%.

Who has never dreamed of having a nice flat stomach? Slim down your belt abdomen, reshape your waist and hips with Lytess cosmetotextile clothing: slimming bodysuits, or slimming tops and tees! And for lighter legs, Lytess offers tapered compression tights that drain and firm the legs along the entire length.