girdle Lytess slimming: innovative slimming and flat stomach care!

Say goodbye to unsightly curves with our invisible flat tummy girdles. Intelligent garments and underwear to instantly refine and reshape the figure. The fabric gradually releases natural cosmetic ingredients for a lasting slimming effect on the targeted areas: stomach, buttocks, thighs, waistline.


      The new generation slimming corset

      Lytess combines the slimming and draining virtues of plants (caffeine, road algae...) with an innovative weaving technique to produce long-lasting and effective slimming solutions to be worn day and night. Enjoy incomparable comfort throughout the day, thanks to the moisturizing properties of these cosmeto-textiles that take care of your body (sweet almond oil, shea butter) and reduce the orange peel effect. Anti-cellulite clothing, firming for the bust, adapted for sport or cocooning for the home, it's up to you to choose the formula that suits you!

      Waist, chest, flat belly: sculpt your silhouette

      What a pleasure to feel good in your body, comfortable in your clothes! With Lytess' cosmetotextile sheathing underwear, you can enhance your seductive assets in the blink of an eye. A panties flat tummy, a sheathing shorty or a belt slimming underwear contains abdominal curves without effort. During the day, the friction of the fabric breaks the microcapsules, which release their active slimming formulas. Clinical tests prove the effectiveness of the cosmetotextile, which makes it possible to lose several centimeters of belly, waist or hip circumference according to the product. But the cosmetotextile can also firm up the bust and the chest, with the sheathing top that improves posture and moisturizes continuously through the action of nourishing and toning natural active ingredients. Display a radiant look and a flattering figure by choosing intelligent sheathing undergarments.

      Shorty gainants, panty push up for sublimated forms

      It is very easy to correct your small curves with Lytess' shaping solutions. For a slimmer waistline, choose a body slimming shaper or a slimming swimsuit that will immediately flatten your tummy and give you a dream figure while remaining comfortable and pleasant to wear. The panty Push Up is ideal for shaping the buttocks, thighs and make disappear the panties . It is the perfect accessory to enhance your shape and make you look great. Lytess reviews are unanimous and the results are proven, so try it out!