Anti-cellulite leggings

Tone your lower body effortlessly!

Buttocks, hips, thighs, calves: the Lytess anti-cellulite leggings are there for you day and night to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin and enhance the full length of your legs.


Anti-cellulite leggings: your slimming ally to smooth out your dimples

Water retention, fatty deposits, fibrous cellulite, loss of firmness... A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle do not always succeed in limiting these aesthetic problems. Like millions of women, you dream of smoother skin and sculpting your curves. What if all you had to do was put on anti-cellulite clothing to reshape your figure and regain your self-confidence?

As the leader in slimming cosmetotextiles, Lytess has mobilised all its expertise to offer you an anti-cellulite legging with multiple benefits. An exclusive combination of textile and cosmetic know-how, they act continuously to firm up your skin from the abdomen to the calves belt . Its effectiveness is proven: it refines thighs and hips and reduces the volume of cellulite by up to 21%. The leggings are also suitable for women who have lost weight and want to tighten the skin without the need for time-consuming treatments such as creams or other cosmetics.

Cosmetotextile innovation: erasing orange peel skin has never been so easy

The Lytess cosmetotextile is based on technical knitting in polyamide and elastane that acts locally on your curves and the accumulation of fat cells. The sheathing fabric, ceramic fibre and micromassage zones of our women's underwear reproduce the palpate-roll effect, improve blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage for a visible anti-cellulite action.

The textile fibre of the anti-cellulite leggings is impregnated with 2 million microencapsulated cosmetic active ingredients per cm2. At the first rubbing with your skin, they release their moisturizing, detoxifying and firming power. Caffeine, seaweed, horsetail, shea butter, sweet almond oil: we have chosen active ingredients that are 100% of natural origin to help you slim down with complete peace of mind.

Find the right anti-cellulite leggings for you!

Your anti-cellulite leggings can be adapted to your daily life and your desires. During the day, simply slip it under a dress, under a pretty skirt or under one of your favourite trousers. Thanks to its stretchy second skin finish, it discreetly shapes thighs and buttocks and guarantees optimal freedom of movement. Enjoy life, our slimming leggings will refine your figure!

And with the anti-cellulite night leggings, you can even fight cellulite while you sleep. Its advanced technology targets fatty deposits and stimulates the removal of fat. Elastic and seamless, it is easy to forget. That's all it takes to wake up with soft skin and a great feeling of light legs. Experience Lytess yourself!

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