Leggings and sheathing sport stockings

Slimming and firming leggings and sports socks: the essentials for high-performance workouts and a slimmer figure!


      Innovative leggings and stockings: Slimming boost

      Slimming sports leggings have become a must-have in the world of fitness and physical activity. Designed to support and sculpt your body during exercise, our LYTESS slimming leggings offer a unique combination of comfort, compression and slimming technology to maximize the benefits of your workouts. Find out more about the features and benefits of Lytess slimming leggings, as well as their positive impact on your figure and sports performance.

      Technical design for optimum performance:

      Our LYTESS slimming sports leggings are made from technical, breathable materials that perfectly hug the curves of your body. Their ergonomic design and seamless knitting allow total freedom of movement during exercise, so you can concentrate on your movements without any discomfort. What's more, some styles of our high-waist sheathing sports leggings feature wide, elastic waistbands for extra support around the waist and tummy and to enhance your silhouette. They are made of non-transparent fabric, so you can wear them with any top, tee-shirt, or Bra.

      Compression effect for a slimmer silhouette:

      Our Lytess slimming sports leggings feature targeted compression to promote blood circulation and limit muscle vibration during exercise. This compression helps reduce the risk of post-workout aches and pains, enabling faster recovery for more effective subsequent sessions. What's more, this slimming compression effect helps to visually refine the figure, smoothing out unwanted areas and shaping the silhouette. Their seamless design, with a flat belt and a circular bib for the hips and tummy, and their polyamide and elastane fiber composition ensure comfort, support and opacity. Women immediately feel comfortable in their bodies and free to move.

      Slimming action thanks to textile technology:

      Our slimming sports leggings incorporate innovative textile technologies, such as the infusion of slimming active ingredients or the use of smart fibers to stimulate perspiration. All our styles products contain slimming microcapsules that gradually release active cosmetic ingredients when they come into contact with the skin. These ingredients promote fat burning, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin firmness. The active cosmetic ingredients integrated into the microcapsules and released with each movement of the body multiply the benefits of muscular effort. The capsules are resistant to more than 30 machine washes, so the action of the active ingredients is guaranteed throughout the treatment period. The sensation of well-being they provide is enhanced by the ceramic fiber contained in certain styles (ceramic crystals embedded directly in the textile threads), which improves skin thermoregulation and promotes tissue drainage.

      Versatility for all sporting activities:

      Our slimming sports leggings are versatile and suitable for all physical activities, whether running, yoga, fitness, weight training or any other sporting discipline. Their technical design and breathability make them an ideal choice for your gym sessions, outdoor training or fitness classes. They accompany you with comfort and performance in all your movements.

      Increased self-confidence:

      In addition to the physical benefits, our slimming sports leggings also offer psychological advantages. Feeling good in your sportswear can have a positive impact on motivation and self-confidence when training. The flattering lines and elegant cuts of our slimming sports leggings enhance your figure, helping you to feel comfortable and confident during your workouts. Our LYTESS slimming sports leggings are much more than just fitness clothing, they're powerful allies for high-performance workouts and a slimmer figure. Offering muscle support, targeted compression and slimming properties, these smart leggings help you achieve your fitness goals while providing comfort and confidence. Whether you're into running, yoga, weight training or fitness, slimming leggings are a must-have choice to maximize the benefits of your workouts and feel good about your body every day. Explore our styles range and choose the slimming leggings best suited to your needs and preferences, for a high-performance, fulfilling workout. For added convenience, they come in a range of colors and lengths: panty, shorty, cyclist, pantacourt and leggings.