Lytess slimming & anti-cellulite leggings

Looking for an innovative skincare product? An anti-cellulite cream? Lytess offers a range of slimming, anti-cellulite leggings with cosmetic active ingredients to enhance your figure!


The fruit of innovation between 2 areas of expertise - textile and cosmetics - slimming leggings are the beauty ally of every woman's dreams who wants to take care of herself without constraint! Slimming leggings are a technical cosmetic garment that will help you slim down and reshape your figure thanks to their close-fitting cut and the continuous diffusion of cosmetic active ingredients. LYTESS slimming leggings are true concentrates of technology. Their secret: a concentrate of natural, firming cosmetic active ingredients microencapsulated and bonded to the fibers of an intelligent textile. An innovative, comfortable, effective and safe skin care product that can be worn like a garment or undergarment. The slimming leggings will act on your skin every time you wear them, giving you smoother, more toned skin.


Depending on your lifestyle and activities :

You need to choose your slimming leggings according to your lifestyle: daytime slimming leggings for everyday wear while shaping your silhouette, night-time anti-cellulite leggings for optimum comfort and practicality, or compressive sport leggings to boost microcirculation and fat-burning action during exercise. -Slimming night leggings, firming sport leggings, flat tummy slimming leggings, there's something for every need and every occasion. Depending on the area to be toned The choice of slimming leggings also depends on the area you want to slim down: opt for a high waist for a slimming and firming action on the tummy, choose a flat tummy bib for sheathing and slimming your waistline. For streamlined legs, choose compression leggings to stimulate skin circulation for a visible firming effect. Depending on protocol duration and cosmetic formula LYTESS slimming leggings deliver results more or less quickly, depending on the cosmetic formulation used: visible results as early as 5 days with the latest addition to the HYALURO FLASH range, and as early as 10 days with the MINCEUR EXPRESS legging.

Depending on material and knitting: Most LYTESS slimming leggings are made of microfiber and polyamide/elastane, but they are also available in organic cotton, for example. Some LYTESS firming leggings are knitted with an intelligent drenante fiber with active crystals that retains its anti-cellulite properties over time, and are microencapsulated for double action. All LYTESS slimming leggings are OEKOTEX-certified. Our cosmetic formulas are based on natural ingredients such as forskolin, caffeine, red algae, shea butter, sweet almond... What's more, their ergonomic knitting gives them great elasticity and makes them easy to adapt to different body shapes. LYTESS slimming leggings are ultra-comfortable and offer total freedom of movement. Size selection and fitting are made easy by their excellent stretchability. They are available in SM or LXL covering sizes 36 to 48, and some styles are also available in XXL. LYTESS slimming leggings are available in a range of styles and technical knits: second-skin knit for optimum comfort, embossed knit for a micromassaging effect on the skin, compressive knit for a draining effect, knit with an innovative fiber containing active crystals to improve microcirculation for lighter legs. For the summer season, you can opt for shorter styles like the Capris, the cyclist, the panty.


Simply wear the slimming leggings during sports activities or 8 hours a day for several days to see the first results. Their slimming cosmetic formulation acts progressively by diffusing the active ingredients onto the skin. This is the principle of chronodiffusion: a gradual release of cosmetic ingredients throughout the day or night via the friction of the textile on the skin. LYTESS slimming leggings have proven efficacy: tests involving dozens of measurements (centimeter loss, skin firmness, cellulite volume reduction) are carried out on a panel of women to scientifically test the efficacy of each product. These tests are also complemented by self-assessment tests, providing objective and significant results.

LYTESS slimming leggings are real solutions to help you regain your figure and reshape your silhouette. Like ordinary garments and underwear, LYTESS slimming leggings are machine-washable. Their cosmetic microcapsules withstand up to 30 machine washes at 30° on a gentle spin. The material is quick-drying for everyday use. Whether you're looking for slimming leggings for sports (FITNESS, RUNNING, YOGA) with or without compression, slimming leggings for everyday wear with a dress or tunic, slimming leggings for night wear, slimming leggings with targeted action, anti-cellulite leggings, the diversity of our styles range means you'll find the perfect match for your needs.

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