Nighttime Slimming

Slimming while sleeping, the dream!
Discover the slimming textiles that work during the night.
A real cosmetic serum that is continuously diffused while you sleep.

Night Slimming: a firming and slimming treatment while you sleep

Slimming at night? It's possible with Lytess. A real slimming cure, the flat tummy slimming leggings refine your hips and firm up your thighs, to help you lose weight.

Anti-cellulite night action

Do you have cellulite? With the slimming nightwear such as theShorts , it is possible to eliminate up to 19% of cellulite in just 10 nights thanks to the combination of a micromassaging ceramic textile and a cellu-detox cosmetic formula. Red algae and garcinia are known to be real detox and anti-cellulite active ingredients. They will allow you to firm up and improve the appearance of your skin, but also to act against fat cells and to say goodbye to dimples.

Dreamy pyjamas!

Practical and easy to use, the Lytessnight slimming set offers a unique slimming and firming action. There is no need to combine them with other products such as slimming creams, oils or slimming gel, cosmetotextiles are the ideal solution for effortless slimming. The active ingredients in the night slimming leggings such as caffeine, garcinia and red algae act as a continuous slimming treatment during the night to firm and improve the appearance of the skin but also act against fat cells. Who has never dreamed of slimming and firming pyjamas? The Capris night slimming panty brings comfort and well-being, it can be worn in summer and winter. The night slimming panty is more suitable for the summer period or in winter, under a thick pyjama for those who are more chilly.