Discover the intelligent clothing and underwear developed by Lytess. Cosmetotextile combines the best of textile innovation with the power of natural active ingredients to create women's and men's collections with targeted effects to keep your figure: leggings, panty, Bra, top and belt shaper, panties flat stomach, body

Slimming, anti-cellulite, well-being: Lytess has selected oils and plants with recognised virtues to act effectively on the area concerned. These cosmetic formulations are microencapsulated and fixed on the textile fibres, and are diffused on the skin by the friction of the fabric. The effectiveness of this technology is proven by independent laboratories. The results appear quickly and allow to sculpt the silhouette, reduce cellulite or moisturize the skin (body and face).

Targeted slimming actions with Lytess

It is not always easy to keep your figure or to correct the effects of time on your body. While a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet are essential to avoid problems of excess weight, Lytess technical garments offer a unique solution for firming the body and redesigning the figure. For each area, a specific device for a powerful action: push-up panty to shape the buttocks, men's corrective T-shirt to sculpt the abdomen belt , belt flat tummy, Capris Stop Cellulite to refine the thighs, high waist boxer for flat tummy, Bra firming for the chest... Cosmetotextile clothing and underwear can be adapted to your needs. For example, Lytess has designed Fit Active sportswear to increase the effects of your sports sessions or a specific range of slimming panty and leggings for slimming during the night.

The benefits of natural active ingredients

Highly technological, Lytess cosmetotextiles contain micro-capsules of natural formulas that act as slimming or moisturizing care. But unlike a cream or a gel, the cosmetic formulations are continuously diffused all day (or all night), for a quick visible effect. Lytess is based on the slimming properties of caffeine, red algae or Forskoline for example. But Lytess clothes also have a moisturizing action thanks to sweet almond oil and shea butter, and a firming action with copaiba and holly oil. Lytess also offers joint support solutions (ankle support, knee support...) to relieve pain and inflammation with essential oil of wintergreen or arnica. Finally, take advantage of the virtues of plants to nourish and revitalize your face with the anti-dark circle, detoxifying or anti-ageing masks.