Panty push up winning


Want to redesign your buttocks?

Sagging buttocks are an aesthetic problem that affects many women. The loss of tone in the buttocks can be due to several factors, such as aging, pregnancy or weight loss. Fortunately, there are effective solutions to lift the buttocks and regain a firm buttock under clothing.

Cosmetic solutions:

A massage of the buttocks with creams or cosmetic oils can act on the skin's tone, but it remains restrictive. Indeed, women do not necessarily have the time to apply creams from morning to night.

The Cosmetotextile solution:

With Lytess intelligent clothing, you benefit from a double action: a textile that acts against flat buttocks and offers continuous cosmetic care. The panty push up sheaths diffuse slimming oils drop by drop throughout the day for proven results after 20 days. Two styles to choose from to fit all wardrobes, the short version push up to remain invisible under short skirts or the long version with the high waist puh up panty that refines the stomach and thighs.