Take advantage of discounts on Lytess cosmetotextile products. Slimming bodysuit, Shorts firming, leggings Stop Cellulite, boxer shorts belt, panty Push Up, corrective T-shirt... It's up to you to select the product that best meets your expectations to sculpt your figure. 


The promotional offers represent an opportunity to try out Lytess' technological clothing and underwear. At the crossroads of textile innovation and cosmetic research, cosmetotextile consists in attaching active formulations to textile fibers. These active ingredients, composed of essential oils, vegetable oils or natural algae are packaged in microcapsules that break down and release the formulation when the fabric is rubbed. Slimming, firming, shaping: the effectiveness of cosmetotextile is proven by independent laboratories. It is the solution for slimming without difficulties!

Efficient slimming solutions

Imagine a slimming treatment that lasts all day... with a panties belt shaper , a Bra firming or a Lytess slimming legging, your body will benefit from the lasting effect of natural extracts such as caffeine or forskolin. Lytess has even designed a line of clothes to be worn at night, to lose weight while you sleep! Discreet and pleasant to wear, Lytess collections also have moisturizing properties thanks to microcapsules of shea butter or sweet almond oil fixed on the fabrics.

The price reductions give you the opportunity to test several products, to treat the curves on different areas (flat stomach, buttocks, thighs...) The microcapsules resist to washing at low temperature. Once their slimming action is over, Lytess creations remain beautiful clothes that are pleasant to wear every day.

Active Sculpting Clothing

Regular exercise is ideal for keeping your figure and staying in shape. But it is not always easy to work specifically on one part of the body, and the effects sometimes take time to be felt. Lytess has designed a line of sportswear (Bra, Shorts, tank top...) with encapsulated active ingredients that release a reinforced anti-cellulite and firming action. The figure is visibly redesigned: slimmed waist, smoothed orange peel effect, toned chest, shaped thighs...

Cosmetotextile is also for men! Don't miss out on the low prices to discover the men's sheathing clothes. And since cosmetotextile is constantly innovating, let yourself be seduced by the different Lytess clothing lines, such as the Termo Minceur, which combine comfort and efficiency.