Lingerie shaper and slimming

Sheer underwear for a dream figure

Lytess shaper and slimming lingerie is an innovative technology that lets you reshape your figure in the blink of an eye. Thanks to intelligent microfiber, this lingerie helps you regain a flat stomach and a slim waist, while providing a feeling of well-being. 

What is shaper slimming lingerie?

Lytess shaper and slimming lingerie is an innovative technology that allows you to reshape your figure in the blink of an eye, while providing a slimming cosmetic treatment. Thanks to a sheathing or sculpting knit, this lingerie helps you regain a flat tummy and a slim waist immediately, while offering a feeling of well-being. In fact, our shaper and LYTESS slimming lingerie range offers a real added benefit thanks to its cosmetic microcapsules, which release when worn and provide cosmetic care throughout the day for a long-term slimming and firming effect. This lingerie targets stubborn areas thanks to a compressive knit, enabling women to regain a sublimated, slimmer figure immediately. Lingerie shaper is also known as shapewear lingerie. The shapewear category encompasses all sculpting lingerie or shaper : girdle, perizomapanties flat tummy or shaper, sculpting bodysuits, compressive tights, belt corrective flat tummy... This sculpting lingerie is mainly aimed at women, but some styles such as theboxer belt, the belt corrective, the flat tummy tee-shirt, the corrective tank top are also popular with men.

A wide range of innovative made-to-measure stretch lingerie

The effectiveness of sheathing lingerie depends mainly on the quality of the threads selected. At Lytess, we are committed to designing our sheathing briefs, sculpting bodies and other slimming girdles with high-quality, resistant polyamide and elastane threads. Comfortable underwear that adapts to all body shapes to enhance curves and make those unattractive curves disappear.

Lytess lingerie is more than just a sheathing fabric, it offers a dual slimming action thanks to the diffusion of cosmetic active ingredients. This unique know-how is based on the microencapsulation of renowned slimming ingredients such as caffeine and forskolin. These ingredients work continuously throughout the day, delivering slimming results in as little as 10 days. Lose a waist immediately and sustainably thanks to compression around certain areas of the body, such as the tummy, hips, thighs or buttocks, to refine every figure. LYTESS shaper and slimming lingerie combine comfort and freedom of movement for optimum ease of movement throughout the day. Our range of sculpting lingerie is invisible under clothing and can be worn discreetly. A must-have wardrobe accessory, they will enhance your curves without any sensation of discomfort, pain or bloating. LYTESS shaper lingerie is available in a wide range of styles and colors for everyday wear. Maintenance is easy, since all our Lytess garments and sheathing undergarments are machine washable at 30°C. Choosing the right size is also essential for best results and optimal comfort. The wrong size can be uncomfortable, create wrinkles or fail to provide the desired effect. It's important to wear these sculpting undergarments directly against your skin for optimum results. It's also important to choose the right model for your body type and outfit: a high-waist or sculpting bodysuit under a tight-fitting dress, or a basic panties flat tummy under pants.

Lingerie shaper is not seasonal

Our underwear range is suitable for all seasons and all occasions. In winter, sheer tights offer support and comfort under a sweater dress ( In spring, the sheathing bodysuit will help you keep your tummy flat under jeans, and in summer, the sheathing swim suit will help you forget those little curves. For a special occasion, wedding, birthday, cocktail party or formal evening, LYTESS slimming lingerie shaper will help you show off your curves while making love handles and a rounded tummy disappear. Your buttocks will be contoured and your waistline refined. Our panties flat tummy slimming lace will give you a sensual, glamorous look while enhancing your waistline. Whether at work or at home, you'll enjoy the benefits of shaper slimming lingerie every day.