How can I firm up my body?

Discover our innovative range of active garments and undergarments that enhance your figure during and after your sports sessions. The benefits of slimming sportswear: refine your figure with comfort and efficiency!

The benefits of slimming sportswear: refine your figure with comfort and efficiency!

Regular exercise is essential for staying fit and healthy. To maximize and multiply the benefits of physical exercise and achieve your fitness goals, LYTESS slimming sportswear is an invaluable ally. Designed to support your body during exercise while providing continuous cosmetic care, these smart garments combine comfort and efficiency to help you refine your figure. Find out more about the benefits of Lytess slimming sportswear and the positive impact it can have on your sport and your results.

Compression and muscle support :

Our slimming sportswear, such as leggings, cycling shorts and compression tops, are made from elastic materials that wrap tightly around the muscles. This targeted compression promotes better blood circulation and limits muscle vibration, reducing the risk of post-exercise aches and pains. The muscle support offered by these garments also enhances your performance and endurance during sports sessions. Specially designed for women and men who take part in regular sports activities, the LYTESS sportswear range is seamless and comfortable. It shapes and refines the silhouette thanks to the combination of a technical textile with microencapsulated cosmetic active ingredients for proven anti-cellulite and firming action.

Thermoregulation and innovative fiber:

Most of our LYTESS slimming sportswear is knitted from breathable, technical fibers that promote thermoregulation during physical effort. Their seamless knitting prevents chafing. The use of patented fibers such as Active Crystal Fiber stores the heat emitted by the body and redirects it to the skin's surface in the form of infrared rays. This action improves skin thermoregulation, activates cutaneous microcirculation and promotes tissue drainage. It also promotes fat burning by accelerating metabolism and stimulating lipolysis, the body's fat-degrading process. Although this action is generally moderate, it can help to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and refine your figure over the long term. The microcapsules fixed in the fabric are progressively released as the fabric rubs against the skin, reinforcing the slimming results during exercise. This chrono-diffusion action remains active for several weeks and throughout the entire protocol of use. The resistance of our microcapsules is over 30 washes.

Improved posture:

The circular knitting method developed by Lytess and the use of polyamide and elastane fibers produce an immediate shaping effect. The shaper compression associated with technical knitting helps tone and strengthen muscles, as well as improving posture during exercise. Correct posture is essential to prevent injury and maximize movement efficiency. By supporting the back and correctly aligning the body, these garments can improve your balance and stability during physical effort.

Increased self-confidence :

Feeling good in your sportswear can significantly influence your motivation and commitment to exercise. Slimming sportswear is often designed with flattering lines and elegant cuts that enhance your figure. By feeling comfortable and confident in your sportswear, you're more likely to work out regularly and give your best during your sessions.

Versatility of use :

Slimming sportswear is suitable for a variety of physical activities, including running, yoga, weight training and fitness. They are designed to move smoothly with you, offering optimum comfort for all types of exercise. Thanks to seamless "second-skin" technology, the LYTESS sportswear range offers total freedom of movement. What's more, their trendy design means they can be worn for gym workouts as well as in your active daily life. The range is available in a variety of colors for LYTESS slimming sportswear is more than just a trend: it offers real benefits to enhance your sporting performance and help you achieve your fitness goals. By promoting muscle compression, sweating, fat burning and improving your posture, these smart garments are a valuable addition to your sporting routine. By bringing you comfort and self-confidence, they encourage you to surpass yourself and adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. Feel free to explore our different styles ranges to find the right slimming sportswear for your needs and preferences, and discover the benefits they can bring to your figure and overall well-being.