Efficiency & Guarantee

Lytess draws its effectiveness from the heart of cosmetic formulations developed from rigorously selected natural active ingredients. The results are subject to clinical protocols validated by independent laboratories certified ISO 9001. Clinical tests are carried out before, during and after the protocol on a panel of volunteers concerned by the product's claims. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear of the fabric.

To take full advantage of the beneficial effects of your Lytess cosmetic textile, we recommend that you wear it in accordance with the care protocol indicated on the product sheet.

The effectiveness of Lytess Cosmetotextiles is tested and certified by independent ISO 9001 laboratories. Each test is carried out using a very rigorous protocol followed by a panel of volunteers of 16 to 100 people.

The correction or "shaping" zones are specially designed to reshape the silhouette, correct targeted curves and sculpt your figure to measure thanks to technical knitting.


Washing: hand or machine wash (30°), without fabric softener. No tumble dryer. Microcapsules resistance: 30 washes.

Lytess cosmetic textiles have been specially designed to be effective during the treatment. The resistance of the microcapsules is 30 washes.

The principle of fixing the microcapsules can only be achieved with the Lytess industrial process. Lytess products are sufficiently filled with microcapsules to ensure complete care and to resist washing.
Refilling a product means taking the risk of transferring the chemical components contained in the dyes of the refilled textile product to the skin, a skin reaction or intoxication are possible.
At Lytess, we guarantee our textile, cosmetic, microcapsules and the quality of their fixation, that is why we do not sell refills.

When and how to wear Lytess products

Yes, the lines of the Sport range have been specially developed to provide maximum comfort and total opacity during sporting activity. The clinical tests associated with these products have moreover revealed the effectiveness of Lytess cosmetic textiles in specific conditions of use.

Yes, the Nuit slimming range has been specifically developed to be worn and effective from 10 nights onwards.

A Lytess cosmetotextile works thanks to the natural friction of the textile on the skin. If the area to be treated is covered by another textile, the skin will not benefit from the cosmetic treatment. It is therefore advisable to wear a panty liner, a perizoma or a tanga so that the cosmetics can act on the largest possible body surface.

No because thanks to the millions of microcapsules present on the textile fibres, the active ingredients penetrate throughout the day and the skin fully benefits from the cosmetic advantages.

Contraindications & Allergies

There are no contraindications to wearing Cosmetotextiles Lytess

Cosmetic products must be tested to prove their safety under normal conditions of use. Indeed, cosmetic products placed on the market within the European Community must not harm human health. Lytess makes it a point of honour to formulate safe products, with rigorously selected components of proven tolerance. Indeed, in order to guarantee maximum safety for consumers, all Lytess products have been validated by a toxicologist and have also undergone a skin irritation test.

Some people may be allergic to certain substances in a particular product, just as one may be sensitive to strawberries, gluten, or peanuts... For perfumes, 26 substances have been declared by the Authorities as likely - in rare cases - to cause allergic reactions. These substances are neither dangerous nor prohibited; if one of them is present in a cosmetic product or a cosmetic textile, this is clearly indicated on the packaging; it is therefore easy for a person who knows he or she is "sensitive" to this substance to be immediately informed of its presence and to avoid using the product.

As with any allergy, the identification of a responsible ingredient is based on medical tests performed by a specialized physician. Your attending physician can refer you to a specialist to perform these tests.

We advise you to stop using the product you think may be causing the allergic reaction (redness or irritation).

Our cosmetic textiles are subjected to strict clinical and toxicological tests. They meet the requirements of European cosmetic regulations. Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, we do not recommend our cosmetotextiles to pregnant women because of the ventral compression of certain product ranges.

Lytess cosmetic textiles, freed from their microcapsules, remain very comfortable quality textiles that you will enjoy wearing every day.

Our cosmetic textiles are subjected to strict clinical and toxicological tests. They meet the requirements of European cosmetic regulations. Under these conditions, subject to particular individual sensitivity, there are no contraindications concerning breastfeeding.

Sizes and returns

The stretchy fabric of Lytess cosmetotextiles guarantees optimal comfort and adapts to each individual's morphology.
However, for the Gainants product ranges with strong immediate correction, we advise you to take one size up for your first purchase.
You will find the size guide and correspondences in the product sheet as well as on the packaging.

For reasons of hygiene, there can be no returns or exchanges.