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Discover a new "slimming" routine that is safe, effective and effortless, to feel good about your body and radiate self-confidence!

Lytess cosmetotextiles is thecombination of advanced materials and technical knitting techniques with formulations microencapsulated in the textile for a continuous and targeted action for each area of the body (hips, thighs, stomachs, ...). A safe, effective and effortless alternative to traditional slimming solutions for those who aspire to feel better in their body and who expect truly effective solutions without risk to their health.

Aworld reference in cosmetic textiles with a presence in more than 20 countries, we owe our success to our permanent quality requirements, our continuous investments in Research and Development and our convictions about the potential of smart textile.

Conscious of our corporate responsibility, we accompany this approach with a strong commitment to the environment and do everything possible to minimize the ecological footprint of our activities, from the sourcing of raw materials to the end of product life.


In 2003, Lytess was created and launched the first slimming tights,
the brand's very first innovation.

Since its creation, Lytess, has made it its mission to offer as many people as possible new slimming solutions that are safe, effective and effortless, by creating underwear based on new generation cosmetotextiles at the cutting edge of technology, which guarantee targeted effectiveness by body area, for a slimmer figure and a firmer body in complete safety and without any effort.

Every day we work to reinvent ourselves and have made innovation our DNA.

Thanks to this focus, we were able to invent the Sleep and Slim Capris in 2014 which will be elected " product of the year " or that in 2017 we launched the first organic cotton cosmetotextile.

Our quality requirements also form a core part of our identiy, which is why we have invested since 2010 in a dedicated industrial site in Monastir, creating the first industrialization and Research & Development center 100% dedicated to cosmetotextiles.

17 years of innovation have led us to spread our know-how in France and around the world, with a presence in more than 20 countries (Europe, Asia and the Middle East in particular).




Dual know-how that combines textile technology and cosmetic expertise

  • Our Textile Know-How which lies in the production of glamorous underwear based on cutting-edge textile fibres and  technical knitting developed to give targeted effectiveness by body area (draining, anti-cellulite, shaping, ....) and unparalleled comfort (seamless, elastic and breathable).

  • Cosmetic know-how which lies in the development of natural cosmetic active ingredient formulations that are micro-encapsulated and then bound to the textile fibre, and which, in contact with the skin, will release their active ingredients throughout the day or night, while withstanding 30 machine washes.



Always in search of technical and technological innovations, Lytess has been involved in research and development since its creation.

Involved in the cosmetics and textile industries and a partner of reference laboratories, the company benefits from all the technological, scientific and regulatory advances that enable it to constantly increase the quality, effectiveness and creativity of its products.

Its main areas of investigation are industrial microencapsulation processes, cosmetic formulations, knitting, technical fibres and textile finishing.


In September 2010, Lytess created the 1st production site 100% dedicated to the development and production of cosmetotextiles. This subsidiary named W.A.T (Worthwear Active Technology) is located in Monastir in Tunisia. It is a unique place where textiles and microcapsules meet.

W.A.T. expertise is a textile know-how that is found in all stages of production: selection of materials and compositions, prototyping, shaping, textile finishing, packaging... These different stages include quality control of textile raw materials and cosmetic formulas, product development, and also the fixing and drying stages.

This manufacturing process is punctuated by more than 100 control points: from the cosmetic formulation (in compliance with European regulatory standards) to the dispatch of the products.

The W.A.T. factory is THE world reference in terms of cosmetotextile manufacturing. In its W.A.T. factory, Lytess realizes the whole production for its eponymous brand intended for the VAD, pharmaceutical and sport networks.

A trusted brand, it also produces l'Oréal and other Private Label products for various entities of the L'Oréal group.



Clinically proven

The effectiveness of the finished products is tested by various independent, ISO 9001-certified specialist laboratories. Dozens of measurements and observations are carried out under medical supervision: dermatological tests of tolerance and efficiency, centimetric measurements, ultrasound, fringe projection, profilometry, corneometry... Clinical tests are carried out before, during and after the protocol for wearing the garment. These tests are also supplemented by a qualitative and sensory self-evaluation follow-up designed to collect the users' feelings. Because when it comes to well-being, only the results count...



Lytess products are designed to be effective during the treatment period and beyond (30 washes on average). The technical properties of the textile are unlimited in time and are resistant to machine washing at 30 degrees.


Lytess' requirement and involvement led it to develop a complete quality policy (cosmetics and textile) that guarantees the safety and efficiency of the product to consumers and distributors.

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