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Up to -3.7cm waist circumference
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Cosmetic of natural origin: 98%.

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Lytess textile & cosmetic know-how

Seconde peau, micromassant,
corrector... Lytess is constantly researching and developing advanced technical knitwear to design products of impeccable quality.

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Radiating confidence and freeing one's personality
Cosmetotextile: the alternative to sweats to slim your figure!
Cosmetotextile represents an innovative and comfortable alternative to traditional sweat garments for slimming your figure. 
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Oil or cream: what is the difference in effectiveness?
Oil and cream are often used interchangeably in the bathroom. Yet their cosmetic properties have little in common. More penetrating, richer and more active: oils are precious allies to accompany your slimming and beauty ritual.
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How to firm up your skin after weight loss?
The effects that follow a weight loss are numerous: stretch marks, or distended skin. Indeed, the skin is very often relaxed in certain areas of the body such as under the arms, on the stomach or around the thighs.
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Creator of cosmetotextile since 2003

In 2003 Lytess was born and launched the first slimming tights, the brand's very first innovation. Since then, we have been working every day to reinvent ourselves and have made innovation our DNA. Thanks to this focus, we were able to invent the Sleep & Slim Capris in 2014 which will be elected "product of the year" or that in 2017 we launched the first  organic cotton cosmetotextile. High Quality is also a core compenent of our identity, which is why we have invested since 2010 in a dedicated industrial site in Monastir, creating the first industrialization and Research & Development center 100% dedicated to cosmetic-textile. 16 years of innovation have led us to spread our know-how in France and around the world, with a presence in more than 20 countries (Europe, Asia and the Middle East in particular). 16 years that are only the beginning of our history.

Textile know-how

which resides in the manufacture of underwear based on advanced textile fibers and advanced technical knitting with targeted efficiency by body zone, with, for example, ceramic fiber for an action drenante, micro-massaging zones for an anti-cellulite action, or shaping knitting to sculpt the figure immediately.

Cosmetic know-how

which resides in the development of formulations of natural active ingredients that are microencapsulated and then fixed to the textile fibre at a concentration of 2 million active ingredients per square centimetre, which in contact with the skin will release their cosmetic active ingredients throughout the day or night, while resisting 30 machine washes.